PInk Cafe by Katherine

by newintstudents

All the meals there are under $10. Hence this is great for students.

They have many hot dogs, popcorns, waffles and drinks and no vegetarian food. Bah that’s ok as I do eat some form of meat.

Now I have not much knowledge about Hong Kong waffles because I never have been to Hong Kong before. But Sally would know about these

I wanted to try one today but they were out of stock. So I had today’s special for $3.90. The special was a American hot dog, done HK style.

The lady there was just ok.

But I saw the popcorn machine and went wow. It reminded me of the old school days.

The dog was a little undercooked and the bread was like the noraml tip top ones. But for that price you can’t complain. I loved the onions and cheese though. Pity I didn’t really like that much of the sausage itself.

But I will come back just to try their yummilicious looking popcorn and their waffles. Btw I don’t know when they are open. Good student meals to be had here. Just wished that they’d advertise their opening hours.

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