Bribing your lecturers

by newintstudents

It’s illegal to bribe or accept bribes from people whether it would be your lecturing staff at RMIT. There are really severe penalties for this.

It is illegal to have sex or a relationship other than a working one with your lecturer/tutor. There are very serious consequences for this at RMIT. It is also illegal for RMIT staff to bribe/ rape or have sex with you. They could be fired from RMIT for this.

You could end up in jail for this.

It is problem with International students in particular as they don’t know that bribing is not allowed. They also want pass everything hence they sometimes bribe lecturers. The reputation can sometimes be so damaging to the lecturer and the student

So please please don’t bribe your lecturing staff. Instead use the Study and Learning centre to assist you with your work. It s free for all students