De Alleyway Espresso and Panzerotti

by newintstudents

I walked past De Alleyway and have heard many good things from the Eat and Be merry team. It is in the same place as the Chokolait and they have been opened for six months.
Their kitchen is open and you can see what they are making
The staff are really friendly and down to earth.  De Alleyway staff did just that in a friendly way so I was happy to give them some suggestions.
I loved the couch.

Their motto: keep everything simple which they did brilliantly. Hence the small space and limited food menu which changes daily
Their coffee beans are from Mailing room and when my long black ($3.30) came to the table it smelt winey. It was bitter with a small hint of fruit in there.
I had a gaelic tomato tart with salad ($6.50). Their salad changes daily and today it was a half poached egg salad with lemon dressing. I quite liked the dressing. They could have put just a tiny bit of onion ot it if people preferred, but it all comes down to preference.
The tart was a little soft- it was more of a quiche. But I still liked the fact that it was homemade, just like most things in Melbourne
Come down here when you have only got some change and this will feed you really easily. Oh yeah and in winter it comes with soup instead.
One word for it: yummilicious.

The other place I went to also fills me up easily and that is Panzerotti. It hasn’t got a lot of exposure yet, but I’m sure that it will.
I came only for the dessert pastry of raspberry and White chocolate ($3.90). It was devine but messy to eat and I got the juice everywhere. And it was filling. Yay for some good things on this side of town. It’s not often that you find good things in the city for cheap

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