Sushi Masa

by newintstudents

This place hasn’t been blogged about for some time by other bloggers so I figured that I might try the place out.
The staff there are real Japanese and they smiled and made me feel welcome.
Here this is a real Japanese place and they do have some lunch specials for everyone.
I checked out the bathrooms and boy they were a bit of a find as they were at the back of the restaurant and were tiny and a little unclean. By the way the lock does not work.

If you order a noodle dish, lunch special, bento you can get some extras for $1.50. They have different prices for takeaway and eat ins. Takeaway is cheaper but not by much.
The bentos are expensive. The average price for these is $19.50. It being a hot day I didn’t feel like a lot of hot food so I went for main cold stuff. All my stuff including tea came up to $14.00.
I had zaru soba noodles and boy these were huge.
I have never had cold tofu before, I can’t really comment on this too much. But what I can say that it melts in your mouth and its smooth and silky
I expected there to be more than one inari, but I can’t complain too much. But the rice was a little bit warm and a little bit mushy. I suppose I came there too late to enjoy really good inari.

You might see me return sometime soon with Katherine. And to all the others, its a much better idea to come for lunch when things are a little bit cheaper but just as good.

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