Don’t work for a taxi company

by newintstudents

You have to do at night shifts all by yourself. Some of the passengers can be aggressive and attack you.Victorian Taxi Association spokesman David Samuel said attacks on taxi drivers were becoming far too common.

“It’s appalling. As we keep saying, this is someone’s workplace and it’s unacceptable,” Mr Samuel said. (Taken from Herald Sun, Taxi driver bashed during argument, 24/9/2012 2:21PM-

You most likely will be paid cash in hand and that is illegal.
There are no security cameras in the taxis. Hence someone can easily take your money and flee
Most likely you’ll need an Australian drivers license and need to know where you are going.

You might also be bashed by some unruly passengers and could experience the effects in the aftermath such as sleeplessness, stress, mental breakdown, worry about going out etc. You might need Special consideration and RMIT doesn’t always grant this.

But the good news is that the taxi association would love to see security cameras installed in their cabs and better working conditions for their drivers.