Chinatown market by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Chinatown market is in Hefferman lane in the city and its held every third Friday from 4pm-10pm. This is one Asian Hawker style market which doesn’t occur often enough for all the Asians in Melbourne. Good thing that it was a sunny day today. Could enjoy being out in the sun
There was a few things on offer today… but there could have been more stuff such as Vietnamese food. I suppose given the space there really wasn’t much room for lots of stalls.
There were lots of people there today.
I got to try Popiah for the first time ($6.5- for two rolls), dumplings ($5 per plate) and winter melon tea. The dumplings were rather small and not very filling. There was 5 per small plate, hence $5 was a bit of a rip off. The vegetarian ones fell apart. The seafood one was just ok.

I really liked the Popiah. Popiah is a Malaysian spring roll, best enjoyed cold. You can choose vegetarian or meat and they come as mild or spicy. I chose the mild one because I wasn’t up for the spicy one. At $6.5 fwor two, I got myself a bargain as these were big, tasty and filling. Oh well at least I learnt what popiah is.
The winter melon tea was really sweet. In fact too sweet for my liking but oh well.
For a change there was also an ice cream truck. I didn’t have a chance to try the ice cream but I heard that it s really good.
Same as with the fish ball sticks, satay, noodles etc. I couldn’t stay long as I had a dinner meeting somewhere else in Melbourne. But whilst I was there I learned lots. The next time when I come we’ll have to try lots more stuff and stay for ages