by newintstudents

Mekong is a Vietnamese place that specializes in Pho. They have been around for donkey’s years but last year there was a decline in customers.
I didn’t really want to go but my friends in the Japan club really wanted to go and I enjoyed their company.
One of my friends really liked them for their cheap pho.
The place looked a tad bit dirty from the outside. But when we got inside our tables were clean, but the toilet was not. The bathrooms was small in size.
Our table of four was really cramped and we were shoved in the corner. I can understand why though- it was busy at 6.30pm.

There was free tea which we as students enjoyed.
Food came out five minutes after we had ordered. This is not a good sign because it means that it was microwaved.
My friends liked their small ($8.9) and large ($9.9) phos. I got a chance to try out one of the beef sausages and god it was really spicy. The friend that got the small one complained that it was not spicy enough and he wanted the brown sauce. Btw: where’s the pickled onions that comes with this?
My other friend and I had the spring rolls with rice vermicelli ($9.5). I had the vegetarian version and my friend had the meat one. My friend didn’t really like it and I have to agree on this as my noodles was cold and slightly undercooked. I would have liked it better if it was slightly warm. The pho shops in Footscray and Richmond does a better version of this. But I loved the spring rolls and the vegetables as they were fresh.

Sorry Mekong I really did want to like you, but you made me feel dissappointed. I’d give you a meh. There is a slight chance that I might return only just to try out your pho.

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