Ascot Pasta and Delicatessen by Katherine

by newintstudents

I was really intrigued by this place and had been wanting to go there for a while now. I live close by to there. After doing some errands I went in. It was pretty quiet for a Monday Morning.
It is a small shop selling pasta but it also serves as a cafe serving Di Mattina coffees.
Service was a real letdown for me. I loved the blonde lady she was pretty friendly, but the other one was no so. She didn’t smile, plonked down the dishes and demanded to know what my photos were for (in a patronising way). Apparently I had no idea of the no photos policy.  Like most other shops it is the norm to take some pictures ( for a blog post) without asking as it is the way to get some customers.
They only have outdoor seating but they do take away.

Their EFTPOS policy is $15 and over. Hence if you are only just coming for a coffee and sweets/sandwich its worth going across the road to the atm.
I had a long black ($3) and some sweets ($2.50 altogether). The long black was nothing to write home about but the sweets were yummy. I loved the small yoyo.
I might just come back only to buy goods to take home.

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