carlton campus

by newintstudents

The RMIT Carlton campus is close to the city campus. It is about a ten minute walk from there. Here it has all of the English language students as well as the Engineering students. Here are some cool things to like about this campus.

1) Orr st cafe- this is the only decent cafe that I have tried nearby Carlton Campus. Its like STAX in the city. I had a decent long black whilst there. It’s popular with the staff and students of RMIT. This is one of my favourite coffee places when I’m in Carlton

2) The Student Union- it is hidden in building 57 but they do organise many things for students. They only are opened on Wednesdays and THursdays.

3) The library is a lovely place for students to hang in. Here they have a lot of computers and really cool dvds for students to rent. There is always new releases.

4) O’ grady place- its a great hang out for students. Here you can have bbqs and there are a few events that the student union put on for students from time to time

Here’s some of the not so cool stuff
1) The absestos- its always around
2) The womyns room in building 57 is always a mess
3) The ever so slow lifts and escalators
4) The lack of signage- actually all RMIT buildings has this.  But this one I particularly got lost in here trying to get out as there are many entrances.
5) The cafeteria- always bad food. Actually its the same for all RMIT campuses.

Despite all the bad parts about RMIT Carlton campus it is great. Hopefully RMIT can spend some money on fixing this place up as it seriously needs a fix