What is loveable about Melbourne

by newintstudents

These are some of the things that you might just love about Melbourne as a student

1) The coffees- oh how I love the city for their great coffees. You can get them on every street corner. The Sydney coffees are always too watery and burnt for my liking. But the Melbourne ones are always full of flavor.

2)The laneways. Some of the artwork in there is gorgeous and you can spend hours looking through all of this.
3) The cleaniless of the city- I love that this is clean compared to China and Malaysia and the weather is decent at times.
4) The cute little veggie gardens growing everywhere. Aren’t they gorgeous. And with some of them you can get some produce for free.
5) The bike paths and parks- we love our cycling and walking during the summer months
6) All the free events- Melbourne has a hype of activity going on at Federation square. There is always something going on down there any time of the year. Sydney doesn’t have as much as Melbourne
7) The beautiful old buildings popping up everywhere. They are free for you to look at and they are a part of Melbourne’s history.
8) The people of Melbourne are cool, calm and collected. Where as in Sydney they are more impatient.
9) The weather- Whilst Sydney is always hot and humid, Melbourne has four seasons in a day.  Meaning that it can rain one minute and the next it is sunny. For people moving to Melbourne you’ll get used to this sort of weather after a few months of living here. It might puzzle you at first but then you’ll get used to this.
10) The markets- Melbourne has lots and lots of them and there are lots and lots of farmers popping up. They are free to visit and there are lots of beautiful things on offer.