English langauge requirement at Universities

by newintstudents

Most universities publish this on their website. But what most universities do not do is explain that you need to achieve high grades to succeed in university. Most universities accept grades up to two years old which in some cases is not acceptable. Katherine explains.

The grade you need to get for English language for University in Melbourne
Most universities require a grade of 6.5 in IELTS. But most of the universities are accepting grades from other sources such as Pearsons and Cambridge.
But some students don’t meet this requirement and have to do foundation English.

Most universities accept grades up to two years old.

It is costly to go for IELTS test.

English language woes
Some students find it really hard to converse in English hence they use a lot of those writing services. Some of the students also fail courses repeatedly and then they are up for exclusion and being kicked out of the country.

Some of them also find that they work in jobs that have little or no pay such as Asian restaurants etc. I was like that in my first year working at 7-11 with little or no pay and no security at night. I also failed many subjects in my first year and had really bad english.

Also students can’t understand lecturers as the communication medium is English. Lecturers feel that they have to teach everything twice to students. Teaching staff have no idea as to who you are, whether you are International or local. RMIT has a huge number of casual staff (these people are not paid outside of teaching hours- they are only paid for what they are taught).

For third year subjects such as Research project students need good English skills as the learning is independent (you learn by yourself with just a little bit of assistance).

Many students complained to the Ombudsman after being excluded for poor English.

What sort of support do universities offer for their students?
Most offer free English language classes in their Study and Learning centre. But not a lot of students go to these.
In Semester 2 2012 the RMIT Student union offered some free English classes for their students. It was offered on Fridays for six weeks.

To study successfully….
Students should try and get a score of 7.5 + in IELTS to pass everything.

If you did Foundataion here make sure that you go for IELTS again just to verify the scores and get the latest one.