Check your legal pay rate

by newintstudents

 As part of our Careers series

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Students should check their legal pay rate to avoid being ripped off. Some Asian places, Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway etc are known to be places that pay less than the minimum rate.
They are also known for being paid cash in hand which is illegal.
If you earn over $450 in a month the employer must pay 9% of your income into your super. Your super should be labelled at the top of your pay slip. Superannuation is covered by the Tax Office in which when you start work you will need a Tax file number. To apply click here
There are penalty rates for working on weekends, nights and public holidays in which you are entitled to extra money.

You can check out: for more information. They also have Pay Check plus which is a tool which you can use to check how much you are entitled to.