The day of an Undergraduate student at RMIT

by newintstudents

This is one of my friends who studies Accounting at RMIT and is in her first year. She is an International student. She lives in Springvale with her uncle. Here is how a typical day went

7.30am- Woke up really late. In fact I overslept by about half an hour because I forgot to set the alarm. Hence there is no time to shower and eat breakfast with my uncle.
8am- Rushed to catch the bus, but just missed it. Oh well will just have to get my uncle to drive me to the station seeing as the next one doesn’t come until half an hour later.
8.20am- Got to the station and tried to touch on but there was no money on it. Saw that the MYKI machine (where you buy your MYKI did not work) and the counter wasn’t opened. DAMM.
8.23am- My train had just arrived and I got on. Forgot the lecture notes today as well, but I remembered my laptop. So sat down and pulled it out and logged on to the RMIT’s free learning hub. And there were all of my notes. YAY.
9am- Reached the city and had to try and convince an Authorised officer to let me through. No suck luck. I was fined $207. DAMM. Now luckily I remembered that there are legal services at RMIT to help me get out of the fines.
Also bought a $1 coffee from 7-11 and a $4 brekky wrap.
9.30am- Reached my two hour lecture in SAB just in time. Yay. Learned lots of stuff this morning as there wasn’t many noisy students in that lecture.
11.30am- Had a two hour break so I went to Realfoods and volunteered for two hours and they gave me a free lunch and a drink.
1.30pm- Went for a one hour tutorial and I had such a lovely teacher who is willing to help me and other students
2.30pm- Another lecture. Yawn. But I could not concentrate on the lecture because someone next to me was making a lot of noise. But I remembered that there was lectopia (online lecture system where lecturers record all of their lectures for students to listen to at home)
4pm- RUSU’s free drinks with friends. I met up with my mentor and my friend from the RMIT MATES program which is run by International services.
6pm- Went to the Couch to study and get a free meal.
7.30pm- Went home and to bed and this time I topped up my MYKI at Parliament station.