Ways to make money

by newintstudents

Need extra money? These are some of the ways to save that extra bit of cash without going over the 20 hours per week.
1) Sell your old textbooks.  You can sell them at Melbourne Uni’s secondhand textbook store and make some money
2) Have a clothes swap party instead of buying brand new clothes. RUSU’s Enviroment collective had one last semester and it was all good
3) Sell your stuff at a market. You can sell stuff at RUSU’s fortnightly markets
4) Eat all the food in the pantry except for the emergency food. Don’t waste food.
5) Make your own products such as soap and stuff. you can
6) Make clothes instead of buying. It could save you heaps of money. I fyou are really great at sewing you could make a dress out of $5 fabric from Lincraft
7) DIY stuff instead of buying it. Like buy plain old shoes from KMART and then jazz it up. You can buy sequins and things from spotlight or riot craft store
8) Go secondhand. Ie buy secondhand books instead of brand new. Secondhand books costs somewhere between $30-$40
9) Rent stuff out to others such as the books that you don’t use for a small fee.
10) Read everything you have or that’s in the house. If you want to read something check that it is in the house. Or borrow it from your local library. Books at the shops cost anywhere between $10-$100.
11) Have a bakesale with your friends if you are really good at baking. You could then make some money from your baked goods and people would love this. Its a great way to use what you have at home and empty the pantry