I love Pho 264

by newintstudents

I love Pho 264 has been around for nearly a year or two  and already it has had quite a few good reviews from about 18+bloggers
Here they only just sell Pho, rice paper rolls, drinks and spring rolls and that it.  They specialize mainly in Pho and there are ten different varieties of it.
Tram route 109 goes past the place and the place is always packed day and night with students, pensioners and just about everyone.

I got here at around 12.30pm and the place was busy. Not bad for a Thursday lunch in Richmond I thought. I had to share a table with a random couple, but I didn’t mind this time.  I loved the look of the rice paper rolls.
There wasn’t really a lot of service, its just eat and go. Also they don’t do EFTPOS and neither do they have forks. Only chopsticks and spoons. If you can’t eat with chopsticks then bring a fork.
My pho was only $9 but it was filling. It was a small pho though. And it came with free tea.
My pho was great today. It was a little salty but yummy. What’s even better was the onion that I got with it. For the past few weeks in the city I didn’t so I had been craving a good pho with lots and lots of onion.
And there was also lots of yummy beef and tripe in pho. I love tripe which is not too chewy.
Now I recommend thee to visit this lovely place which is about 15 mins by tram. But they do authentic pho.
Next time when I come I will bring Big Fil here and eat the rice paper rolls and spring rolls.

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