Taste of Melbourne 2012 by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Taste of Melbourne event is something that happens once a year. It goes for four days. It starts on Thursday night and ends on Sunday.
Unlike previous years when it was inside the Royal Exhibition Building, it was outside. I guess that they really wanted an outdoor dining style event, hence the beautiful Albert park lake.
When it opened at 12pm noon today most of the customers including myself had to take the 112 tram and we walked really far ( there was something which happened on the number 96 tram hence there were no trams going that way). But when I finished all the trams were back to normal.
There were lots of people there and the event was not hard to find. You take the number 96 tram ( you can also take the 112 tram but it is quite a walk to get there) and get off at stop 130 (where Mart 130 is ) and then you just walk on the grass area and across the road and there it is. You can hear the music from afar.
Tickets were $30 on the door, but Friend A and I bought ours online for $25 each. There it included a free copy of gourmet Traveller magazine and the wine magazine as well as heaps of samples, apples and teas.
We also bought some crowns. Crowns are the dining currency used at the Taste festival to buy dishes and wines. 1 crown is equal to $1.

There were free picnic rugs for people who picnic in the Lilydale picnic area. Note: Lilydale is a chicken company.
There were also a few wine bars and cocktail areas. Rekordling was one such fun area.
There was a very big Nespresso area where people like myself got free coffee.
One such place where people could get some tips on cooking was at the Bertoli kitchen stage right at the back. I didn’t get much of a chance to visit as it always packed with people.
But I got to try some food though and here’s what I thought of it.
The good
* The gundowning’s 2 mini cones for two crowns- that was quite enjoyable and I got to try out two different flavours: I think of them was fig and the other was banana. I loved the banana flavour. Not too sure about the other one
* Sake’s chirashi salad (I think it was 12 crowns)- it was really fresh and I loved the salmon and the crunchy bit on the top. It gave it the crunch that it needed
* Laksa me’s dessert (8 crowns)- it wasn’t too sweet but it was overly potatoey hence it gave it a bit of a bland taste. I loved the pearls and the coconut.

The bad
* Mamasita’s bean tacos (8 crowns)- it was really bland and cold and I had to wait for ages and ages for this
* Mahjong’s trio of dumplings (8 crowns)- it was all squashed and there was too much sauce in it. Perhaps it might be to cover their bland taste? But I loved the chilli in it though.

I also had a mocktail at the Berri stand ($6 for this) and I got to watch them do it. It was a bit of long wait but I didn’t mind as the girl told me this beforehand and I went and explored other things whilst waiting.

Can’t wait to return next year.