by newintstudents

Students you cannot bring food into Australia as it introduces some serious pests into Melbourne’s bio systems. Melbourne has plenty of food here that cater to your needs. You cannot bring meat or dairy, fruits and vegetables in. You might be able to bring in some teas but just make sure that you declare it on your incoming card.

What is this, you might ask? It is a legal document which will be given to you on the plane before you arrive in Australia. You must fill this out and answer everything truthfully, even if you are not sure whether something is allowed in the country

Herbs and Spices as well as sauces are food. Melbourne has lots and lots of herbs and spices for sale.
Melbourne has Indian shops that sell curry powder so no need to bring it. Melbourne has heaps of Asian shops that sells stuff.

Want to bring a care package from your parents? My advice is that it cannot be food. Instead it can be clothes, tissues, makeup etc. If it is food Customs will seize it.

Also you cannot bring in more than $10000 AUD in cash or otherwise you need to declare it. A good idea is to have $1000 in cash and the rest as a bank draft.

You can bring in medicine that you need provided that there is a prescription/doctors letter for it. It can only be three months worth. But just don’t bring too much in as Customs will seize this and you may be fined.

Penalties for not declaring.
1) A written warning for first time travellers
2) A $220 fine
3) Jail or a $60000 fine depending on what it is. If you bring drugs into Australia you will most likely given this option

If you declare all of your goods then you will not be penalised and you will be free to go.