Hungry Jacks and other fast food outlets report by Katherine

by newintstudents

Is it really worth going to a fast food outlet to get your lunch? Or is it better to be a hobo and bring your own? Katherine investigates this issue.
1) Fast food outlets- yes we all know that they are cheap. But do you know how much fat is in your favorite items? Have too much of this and you’ll end up spending more than you hoped.
Yes we all have one sort (or many sorts of outlets at the train stations), but is it really worth picking up that takeaway coffee on the way to class/work? Or that packet of chips/ breakfast roll? Or is it better to go to proper cafe and order them? A burger has about 2200-3300 Kj and about 15g of fat.
Most fast food outlets employ someone that is young and underpays that person. In a way it is ripping them off as more and more profits are made for the boss. Hence the person that serves you might be grumpy for that reason. Most fast food places are usually dirty and you could get food poisoning.

 Take that to cafe and that waitperson is happy and cheery meaning that they are well paid and the place is clean. You might have to pay more for the food, but hey at least you are not sick. Most cafes I have been to have quite a few healthy options.

If you eat too much of this (fast food) option and not enough exercise you might have diabetes later on and later on it might be harder for you to concentrate on your studies.
According to Choice magazine many of them have too much fat and too much salt and can clog your arteries

2) Bringing your own lunch- Not only is this cheaper but it is also tastier and healthier. And there is less salt in it. Just be organised and spend one afternoon making a weeks worth of lunch and you’ll be right.

At least you are saving money on your health.