International students in Victoria want travel concession

by newintstudents

International students in Victoria cannot get travel concession. Why? Because the government doesn’t allow it. It used to also be that NSW wasn’t allowed as well but the NSW government decided to abolish the rule. It is now trialing a 12 month period.

Why not Victoria? As students we have to pay full fare for travel and for some forking out $112-$180 per month for travel is way too much. A full fare myki card costs us $6, where as a concession myki is $3. We want concessions we want equality. Its about time we the students get our fair share.

More and more of us are walking home in the dark to save money on transport fares. As such it is putting our safety at risk. We pay high enough school fees already and some of us come from poor families. Also fare evasion is high on trams because some of us cannot pay for full fare. The prices are way to high.

Having a travel concession also gives us more money to spend on food and exploring this great city. And we also do not have to worry about our safety.

Please Mr Ballieu if I were you, please allow us to have travel concession and then more and more of us will come to Melbourne to study.