some cool kitchen gadgets which you can not do without

by newintstudents

Here are some really gadgets that you can’t do without at home

1) The lunch box found in
This lunch box understands that bag-space is a precious commodity. You can pack quite a lot in its little space, with 3 deep compartments plus a spork and a condiment cup (both of which snap right into the lid, so you don’t lose them). But the best part comes once the eating is done: The box collapses to half its size and the lid snaps in place to keep it that way for even easer transport home and more space in your backpack or tote. 

Now its no excuse not bring lunch from home

Smart Planet 3-Compartment Eco Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box, $14.75 at Amazon

2) The Chalkboard labels from
No excuse not to be organised and label everything including the date it was made. And you can easily rub out the old label and put a new one in whenever you finish and start something. No need for paper

Though I can think of dozens of household uses for adhesive chalkboard labels, they’re especially handy in the kitchen. I store a fair amount of food in glass jars and containers, from infused syrups to fruit jams, and I can’t stand how they have a way of accruing layers of wrinkled stickers and sticky residue as I continue to reuse them. In addition to their charmingly rustic appearance, these genius little labels erase cleanly to make way for identification of whatever fills the jar next, making them an environmentally friendly and economical way to do away with the mess of my former labeling systems. 

Chalkboard Labels, $9.95 at Williams-Sonoma.comor $9 at