Exploring Box Hill by Katherine

by newintstudents

Exploring Box Hill was really fun the other day.
I went by tram and it was an hour from the city. It is in zone 1/2
I got try out many food stuffs, stuff I didn’t know it existed.
Here are all the pictures.

Dorayaki is a Japanese pancake and it is here that they sell these

$2 per kg for watermelon! That’s cheap! The city has them for like $3-$4

Look how cheap these vegetables are

Oh wow they even have Chinese vegetables for $1. In the city we pay about $2 for these

1 for $1.69! That’s cheap. Normally to buy these in the city is about $3-$4.

I got to try some of these samples and these are really good. I loved the pork skins and the ears. I also loved the curried vegetables. I wish that the city stores had lots of samples for us to try.
Unlike some of the city shops, in here we got to watch the cooks make dumplings.

I can’t believe how cheap these shoes are! In the city and the western side (except Sunshine) we don’t have things like this. Hence I took a shot of this.

Free newspapers for all

Chinese new year goodies are on sale now.

I didn’t know that a pet daycare existed. This is the first time I have heard of such a concept. There isn’t one in the city or in the West.

They don’t have much fashion shops there, but they make up for it with all the foodie places.

There isn’t much in terms of Entertainment either. All the entertainment things such as cinemas are in Doncaster which is an easy bus ride away.

They do have housing and a lot of Asians live here. Many of my friends said that Box Hill is a great area to live in.
But the only downside to this is the public transport and the travel time to uni which is 30-60 mins on tram or by train. There have also been a few assaults here too so just beware