Hogs Breath Cafe by Katherine

by newintstudents

The team at Newintstudents blog (Sally and I) went to see Les Miserables in Highpoint. We both arrived at 12:30pm and wanted to see the 2pm session. Hence we couldn’t go far for lunch.

So that left us with Hogs Breath cafe. When I read on Urbanspoon that Hogs breath cafe had a 45% rating on it, I thought “Wow can it be that BAD? Seriously?” I also read the other people’s blogs as well and thought that the place itself wasn’t all that good.
Well it turns out that I was wrong about the place. The place was clean. Yes there was loud music. And no the place wasn’t that busy.
But the wait staff were really friendly. One of them asked how our meal went which was good. This is what I’d love to see more of happening in cafes.

Here they mainly do American food, but they also do mocktails and alcoholic drinks. In that respect they are just another TGI Fridays.
They also had some $9.90 weekday specials which we did not know about as it was “cleverly hidden away”.  
Here we both had burgers and lemonade. I had the barra burger ($13.50) which came with hog tail fries and Sally had a beef burger which also came with hog tail fries. Sally thought that her burger was just ok but to me the beef patty looked a little overcooked. I didn’t think she really enjoyed it.
We both agreed the hog tail fries were a little bit bland and we needed the Tabasco sauce to give them a little more flavour. Some flavour on them would have been good.
The fish in my burger wasn’t too bad but it could have been better. My burger was really hard to cut. I didn’t like the lemon wedge squashed in the burger. It was messy to eat. I would have liked it on the side.
The lettuce was just ok though. 😦
And what’s with giving us a second knife poked into our burgers when there was one on the table?
Well I guess this is just another TGI Fridays place with not much thought given in the food itself. I did love the concept of hog tail fries but this could have been executed better.
I hope that management reads this and hopefully will improve most of their foods and stuff or otherwise like TGI Fridays it will go downhill.
Myself and Sally might just give you another chance someday.

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