A culinary tour of Melbourne

by newintstudents

Hey students, did you know that Melbourne has so much to choose from? Yes there is heaps to choose from so you really don’t need to bring a lot of food into Melbourne. Here’s the lowdown.

image: Courtesy of Google images

image: Courtesy of Google images

Lygon st has a lot of good places but the one that I’ve found so far which has the best pasta is Donellis. They do their pasta handmade so you pay for the ambiance of being in real Italy and for the food.
French- there’s a fair few options in the city but they are all pretty pricey for small serves.

Indian- quite a few options in the city, but there are much better options in places like Dandenong and Springvale.

Vietnamese- there isn’t a lot of that in the city, but there are heaps and heaps of good places in Richmond and Footscray.

Greek- Lonsdale st has a lot of greek food there. Here they are pretty pricey and are only to be enjoyed on special occasions ie: birthday.
But Stalactites is worth mentioning for their Souvlakis and their late night suppers.

Chinese- There’s so many to choose from but what I liked is Shanghai dumpling house. Almost all the Chinese Restaurants are in Chinatown in the city.
In the suburbs it would have to be Box Hill and Richmond.

Taiwanese- Dessert story has the best desserts in Melbourne.

Malaysian- Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam has the best cendol and roti. They even showed everyone how to make roti at one of the Malaysia festivals.
There’s heaps of Malaysian places in Melbourne all of which cater for students.

Japanese- I’m yet to find the best one… but the ones that I went to are just ok.

Turkish- there isn’t much options in the city but there are heaps of options in Brunswick and Coburg. The Borek Bakehouse and Queen Victoria market has some good Turkish food.

Lebanese- the only Lebanese place that I have found is in Brunswick and Coburg