Living in CBD/Docklands

by newintstudents

image: Courtesy of Google images

rent is expensive in the city. Image: courtesy of Google images

This area is so close to RMIT City campuses that it is just easy to walk and not spend a cent of public transport unless you are really lazy or need to get to somewhere outside of the city.
Lots and lots of coffee shops live here. Also there is Chinatown and lots of Chinese, Malaysian and Japanese places. Not so much Indian or Italian places. All the Italian places here are expensive as. There is a Greek Precinct full of cheap and expensive Greek eats.
There’s lots of free events almost every weekend in the city whether it would be shopping, dining or at Federation Square. Also Melbourne Musuem and Art Gallery are free for students to enter and wander around. There is the Sunday Art Markets on every Sunday.
Docklands is a nice area to walk around in and relax and dine in but that is about it. Unless of course you count Harbour town shopping center which looks really isolated. That and the unfinished Southern star wheel. It is easy to get to on the free city circle tram which services Docklands and NewQuay. There are a few events going on in Docklands

The pros:
Getting to Uni is a breeze. No more excuses for being late to class
Queen Victoria Market is a short walk away and you can buy all of your foodstuffs for dirt cheap prices on the days that they are opened
Lots of activity
Lots of boats in Docklands and nice areas to relax in.

The cons:
Living in the city and NewQuay is really expensive and part time jobs might not be able to cover all of the rent.
Some of the cheaper places like UniLodge have really bad security there. I have had a friend whose stuff got stolen from her room. I have once lost a key.
There is a few Greek places in the city, but not as many as the Asian places in the city.
Dining in Docklands is really expensive, but in the city it is cheap.