Phone plans and which ones are good for you

by newintstudents

image: Courtesy of Google images

Students its so easy to spend a lot of money on a phone without realising it. The best way to go is to get a pre paid phone where there are no monthly bills, no contracts etc. Another advantage is that you can bring your mobile handset from home and just buy a SIM for $2 and you can easily buy recharges in $30, $50, $100. Some atms also sell recharges, hence it is easy to recharge your phone. Some department stores do have specials if you buy your recharges from them.

1) Telstra- wide coverage and cheap rates. they do have international calling rates from as little as $0.15 per minute. They also have great broadband too

2) Optus- they don’t have great coverage in regional areas but they do have some good caps if you live in the CBD area with 500 mb of data. And they always have freebies for their customers if you recharge

3) vodaphone= no good. People have complained of the bad coverage and the very expensive calls. On really hot days their coverage completely blacks out.

4) 3- they are just as bad as vodaphone

5) Dodo- I have two free giveways sims. Leave a comment below and we’ll draw the two winners at the end of the month. The recipients must be new International students who will study at RMIT in Melbourne