electricity and gas

by newintstudents

We all need them to live on. But as a student living by yourself you may have to pay these things. Or you may not have to.

When you move into the house you should ask your landlord about whether or not bills are included in your rent. If they are then you don’t have to pay

If they are not then you do have to pay your fair share. This is usually worked out by the head tenant (or whoever’s name is on the bill). If your name is there then you will have to work it out.

Sometimes when you move in the gas and electricity may not be connected and you might have to do this yourself. Its best to ask the landlord this too. If you move out you will need to disconnect the electricity and gas.

You can compare gas and electricity rates here. Most companies would prefer online payment but some also do have shops where you can pay. You can also pay the bill at Australia post.