Spicy fish by Katherine

by newintstudents

Spicy fish is a Sichuan place in Chinatown in the CBD. About 16+ bloggers have written about this place.

They were also recommended in the Age for “Cheap eats”.

I visited this place back in 2008 and I remembered that there was a lunch time special of $8.50 which included one main, one bowl of rice and pickles. Nowadays all the mains are about $10, with the vegetarian ones at $8

I went during my lunch break at about 1:30pm and the place was really busy. Which is a good sign.
They only do “cash only”.
They also do have wine as well, but no BYO allowed.

There were many Asians as well as tourists and families.

I didn’t mind sharing a table with someone as it was busy and there was a spare table next to the two guys. I did ask politely if I can sit here, but my server shouted, “NO! YOU CANNOT SIT HERE!!!WE DO NOT SPLIT BILLS!!! JUST WAIT AND I’LL CLEAN YOUR TABLE”.
I thought, “what the hell? I can easily pay those two guys my share of the bill”. They were quite happy to let me share their table.

Finally I was led to a table at the back…..

When I was ready to order and I wanted the vegetarian one with pickles the waiter was really confused so they asked someone else to deal with me. My guess is that the waiter is a poor international student. But the lady that served me was helpful.

I checked out the unisex toilets and they were a tad bit dirty, but I did like the “No smoking” sign on the wall.

My food was ready in five minutes which led me to believe that it was microwaved. I had the vegetarian tofu ($8) and the tofu was done perfectly. It wasn’t spicy at all. I would have loved it to be more spicy.

But the rice on the other hand was dry. It was jasmine rice which can be a bit dry. The Australian rice is way better.

My iced tea ($3.80) was a tad bit sweet for my liking.

With that in mind I might just be back to try the mapo tofu with noodles. You can add them for about $1.50 extra.
My verdict: Good but not great. If only they got rid of the rude lady, maybe a lot more people would return.

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