Laksa Me by Katherine

by newintstudents

Laksa Me is a cheap eat and they were featured in the Age for a number of years. They are also featured in Malaysian Kitchen Insiders (a very popular Malaysian food club). Laksa Me appeared at the 2012 Taste Festival and so I was keen to give them a go. About 6 others bloggers blogged about this place.

And so I went at 1:30pm. By then it was quiet as everyone went back to work.

It was humid inside, but at least the fan was on.

The service seemed to be a little bit slow with one guy being non chalant and looked like he wanted to go home.

I wasn’t very hungry so I had a plate of cheong fun and an iced lemon tea (outside it was 31C). Altogether it was $14. You can only use EFPTOS if your purchase is over $25 and even then they charge a 3% surcharge for credit card. Best to make sure that you have enough cash.

I checked out the bathrooms. They are behind a screen, but near the cashier. There is no sign mentioning that but I could guess. They were a tad bit dirty.

The cheong fun was a little overcooked as they all stuck together. But the fish balls and the tofu wasn’t too bad. The sauce was spicy, but I like it that way.

The iced tea was one of the better drinks that I have had. Its not too sweet and nice and cool. I loved the slice of lemon in it- it gave it some flavour.

Next time when I come it will be in the colder months when I can try some yummy laksa. And hopefully Big Fil will come with me.

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