Rolld at QV

by newintstudents

Well I went to Rolld last year when they were opened in Goldsborough lane.
So when I heard that another Roll’d was opening I thought that I’d jump at the chance of visiting.
They don’t have much seating as they are in the food court. It was busy when I got there though.

There are a few vietnamese staff but most people are Aussie which really baffled me for Vietnamese place. I had high hopes for this place after eating at the one in Goldsborough lane. The one in Goldsborough lane was really good.

They still have the same prices as the one in Goldsborough lane, but this one has two lines instead of one. Now that really confused me.
They sell all the same stuff as Goldsborough lane store but they run out of most of their stuff very quickly and some people were disappointed.

At the moment they have no EFTPOS.

I had two Vietnamese soldiers and an iced tea. One of them was lemongrass and pork and the other one was vegetarian. Here I would have expected some sauce to appear but there was none in the box when I opened it.

The vietnamese soldiers were both dry and a little bit bland for my liking. I would have liked there to be a bit more flavours in it. Perhaps they made it really early in the morning and it was just sitting there? I couldn’t taste the lemongrass in the lemongrass and pork one.

The iced tea wasn’t too bad though. That was the only good thing about my meal.

All up I paid $7.50 for iced tea and two Vietnamese rolls, which I thought was just meh for my liking. The only good thing about it is it’s location which is close to RMIT. If I were to choose, I’d visit the one in Goldsborough lane.

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