Sally’s Kitchen

by newintstudents

Sally’s Kitchen is next to Miss Chu in the heart of the CBD. About 7 other bloggers have raved on about this place liking it and some of them disliked it for various reasons.
They are an organic and fair trade cafe serving “Supreme” coffees from Coffee Supreme. A yay from me. Now I wished that Realfoods served coffee from this brand as well as Jasper.

Outside of the cafe looks dark and dingy but inside it is rather cute. I checked out the bathrooms and loved the homely feel to it.

They are also a bar on Thursdays and Friday nights where you can sit and enjoy drinks and dinner.

The place was busy when I came. They mainly do gourmet lunches and breakfasts as well, but I was only here for the coffees. Btw it is quite close to RMIT.

My server was just ok. She did however mixed up someone else’s coffee order and they weren’t too happy about that when they went to pay. Perhaps she was just having a rough day?

I just ordered toast ($7 with jam- 3 pieces of soughardough) , a biscotti (which was as hard as- $2) and a long black ($3.5). They don’t do cold drip coffee.

The coffee was superb here. It was strong which I loved.

The toast was quite nice today with the strawberry jam which I thought was homemade. The biscotti was hard so I dipped it into my coffee. Much more bearable.

I’m in two minds about this place. I don’t exactly love it, but I don’t exactly hate it either. It is good for the student budget though.

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