Lion Hotel Melbourne Central

by newintstudents

The Lion Hotel is on Level Three of Melbourne Central shopping centre right outside of the cinema. It is a English pub which specialises in Parmas and the “Lion Hotel” burger. Oh yeah, they also have a casino inside as well as a TV so that you can watch all the sports.

It is here that I went with about 8 of my colleagues. They do take bookings too.

They are dark and dingy inside which I love the dark mysteriousness of the place. But we opted to sit outside.

You order and pay at the bar. You also get your drinks straightaway.

I checked out the bathrooms to the left of the cashier and it was just ordinary. It felt a little more like a prison.

Although the place was not busy it took forever to get our meals. Some us only had half an hour breaks.

Most of us had the $15 lunch specials. They are on every weekday from 12pm-3pm and it includes a drink. They change everyday, but todays one was the Lion burger. I had the vegetarian version of this. Others got the meat version and liked it.

I love the “Breathometer” initiative. At least they are being serious about drinking and driving rule. Now I wish all Melbourne pubs had the same.

All the meals are big so make sure that you come with a good appetite.

The vegetarian version was good, but I would have loved to have fried onions in it and an egg and beetroot. Yum. The bread was a bit dry, but other than that it was all good.

The salad was a little meh and drenched in all that dressing.

The chips were a bit bland. They were also a little bit cold. Perhaps they were sitting out in the cold for way too long.

Someone in our group got the roast beef. She didn’t expect all that much meat and not much veg. I would have expected some chips to come with it, but it didn’t. In the end she didn’t finish her meal.

Lion Hotel like the other blogger Parma Daze said is a mixed bag. You neither like or hate it. It’s just ok. It’s good that there is a pub close by to RMIT that actually caters to the needs of students. During the year they have student specials. I wouldn’t mind bringing in some of the new International students that I mentor from time to time.

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