39+ Pizzeria by Katherine

by newintstudents

39+ Pizzeria has been raved about some time by 36 other bloggers on Urbanspoon and are ranked 77 on Urbanspoon. Moreover they have won many awards from the Age including Cheap Eats and “Best Pizzeria of the year”. The eatandbemerryfortomorrowwediet team has written up about this twice and they really did enjoy it. Miss Adriennely also visited in 2011. Miss Adriennely if you are reading this please write more posts as you have fallen behind on the Urbanspoon blogger leaderboard and your blog doesn’t work anymore.

It is on Lt bourke st just past Elizabeth st.

They are open for coffee at 11am and lunch at 12pm. Initially I had some confusion over this and didn’t have a lot of time in the past year to visit. Hence this took me a while to visit and write up about it and here it is.

The gentleman that served me was really nice and he didn’t mind me asking him quite a few questions.

Love the giant bottle

Love the grazie sign- it’s so cute

When I went in at 11am it was really quiet. Perhaps many people didn’t know that it was open for coffee?
The atmosphere was clean and beautiful to look at. Very reminscent of Europe and the streets of Italy.
I had a vegetarian foccachia ($8) and  a long black ($3.30). Loved the long black today. Not too strong and not too bitter, just the way that the Italians like it.

I couldn’t say the same about my focaccia though. A focaccia is an Italian toasted sandwich. My sandwich was lukewarm. But I loved the melted cheese and the vegetables. Heaven! Yum (or what say in Australia- yummy!)

I would recommend this place for their food and coffees and can’t wait to come back and try their dessert pizza.

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