Finding a place to live

by newintstudents

Finding a place to live in Melbourne can be really hard. First of all you would need some sort of character reference from a previous landlord, some income, time and some thought about where you will live and what sort of house do you want to live in. You’ll also need a bank statement which you might not have. The RMIT housing service can provide a character reference if you need.

RMIT doesn’t have much housing on campus. Instead it has RMIT Old Village which is always full at the begining of semester. But there is the option of staying in student accomodation elsewhere or homestay. Share housing is not available to students under the age of 18 for legal reasons.

Have a look at our suburbs guides (when it comes out that is- there are about 15 in this) before thinking about applying for places. The suburbs guides are useful.

Make sure that you get a chance to have a look at the place before accepting and paying for it. It takes about two weeks to find the property that you want and be accepted. If you don’t have a chance refuse it,  this offer is always too good to be true and might be a scam. Try and bring a friend with you to have a look at the place and get their opinion. Sometimes a second opinion counts.

You cannot have a look at properties before coming to Melbourne. You have to be in Melbourne to have a look at the properties.

When you do have a look and accept the place make sure that you take some pictures of anything that is damaged/not right/worn as this forms the first part of the condition report.