Can long distance relationships work?

by newintstudents

Possibly… but there is only a small chance of them working whilst you are studying in Melbourne. After a while you would feel lonely and miss them. Loniliness and homesickness are problems faced by many international students whilst studying here.

Whilst Skype is fine there is a time limit on it such as an hour and you are busy with schoolwork. Your friend might be busy with their stuff. And there are the time differences to consider. What might be morning here, it might be night over there.
They can’t come to Melbourne as there are strict guidelines for this. They could come if they are a uni student like you are.

You don’t get see them everyday in Melbourne whilst you do in your home country. They too might find themselves a new friend.

But your family will always be there for you no matter what and you can find a new love whilst in Melbourne. Boy friends and Girl friends come and go and you need to accept this and there might be one just waiting for you in Melbourne.

There are ways to combat loniliness and one of them is by joining student clubs and befriending the local students. RMIT MATE is a great option as there are many local students with whom you can befriend. You can even befriend them before coming to Melbourne to study.

Verdict= not really unless you really really have a strong connection.