Gaijin Lunch bar by Katherine

by newintstudents

Gaijin Lunch bar is a cheap place where a lot of students come for lunch. It is near the new Grill’d and 39+ Pizzeria.

I have heard about the $8 lunch deals for a while, but hadn’t had a chance to venture out that way until Sally invited me to lunch with her.

When we arrived at 1pm it was quiet.

Here we were asked by the lovely waitress whether or not this was our first time. It was. It was nice to be asked that question. Not many people do. She also explained the menu to us and explained that it was run by Indonesians.

This place is the sister of the Gaijin restaurant in Prahran.
The place is a little comfy bar like place. It is cute like Giraffe Cafe. They have small tables as well as big communual ones.

Here I had the raw salmon don ($9 for a small, $10 for a large) and iced tea ($3). sally had the crunchy don ($8). And we both shared the Agedashi tofu ($8.5 for 6 big cubes). We were easily full after this.

I loved the moving bonito flakes on this. Very authentic. The tofu was nice today, except it could have been a little bit better without all of that sauce.

I loved my raw salmon don except for warm sushi rice down the bottom. Loved it. But didn’t like the fact that they put too much mayo on my lettuce. But loved the crunchy bits.

Sally loved her crunchy don. I think I might just have to get that next time when I come. Next time I come it might just have to be during their happy hours on Thursday and Friday nights when they are open as I’d love to try their dinner menu.

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