Le Petit bourke

by newintstudents

Le Petit Bourke is a French Patisserie and crepe place. Whilst the food is good it is expensive. They do also do Turkish food and coffee, but I had a craving for crepes.

They have been opened for two months now and they are still going strong. Around 11am when I cam it was busy with all the people wanting brunch and the cupcakes.

I have been wanting to go there for some time now. On the outside it looks like a beautiful old building with the lovely sign. Inside it is nice and cozy, good for a cold winters day or a rainy day. I loved the books and the fireplace.

You can easily study in here and enjoy a tea or coffee.

My coffee wasn’t too bad ($3.90 for a big long black) but the crepes were divine though. I loved the poached pear. I wondered if they did use organic pears? I loved the maple syrup though. My crepes were $16.50. I didn’t expect them to be so expensive though. I had four crepes on the plate hence each one would have cost about $4.

The service was a tad bit slow but I didn’t mind. The lady there was lovely as and I wouldn’t mind visiting again and trying their lunchtime options. I forgot to ask them about vegetarian options but the savoury crepe in the display looks like it is vegetarian.

Here’s the veg and Peach Water would love this place

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