Ume Sushi House by Katherine

by newintstudents

I had a chance to check out UME sushi house one lunch time. I have walked past it numerous times but didn’t have a chance to check it out until now.

It has outdoors and indoor seating. This is like a Japanese ramen joint with all the lanterns up the top.

Inside they had some wonderful but outdated decor. I loved the pictures, but the fountain outside the bathrooms looked a little outdated. It needed a lot of water for it to look appealing to the eye.

The toilets did smell a little bit funny. Perhaps they haven’t cleaned the bathrooms as we speak?

I had a chance to check out Urbanspoon before I left. About six other bloggers such as Eatandbemerry checked out the place and loved it. All except for one (half eaten that is). Or maybe is it two? I had high hopes of the place seeing as every one of the diner reviews were glowing. None of them even mentioned service which was a bit abysmal.

The lady that served me wasn’t too happy to be working there. It was a busy lunchtime. Sweet and sour fork mentioned that the place is run by Chinese which is true. I can hear all the Cantonese being spoken.  It was hard to grab anyone’s attention when I needed some help. They did mix up some of the tables orders. You order and pay at the counter. Students get a 10% discount off the total bill.

When I asked her about the Agedashi tofu, she said “NO WE DON’T HAVE!” I was like what sort of Japanese place doesn’t have this??? I could see some fried tofu in the bain marie.

But the food sort of made up for it. The tuna in the chirashi wasn’t cut properly, as they had little bits of bone on it. Which I found hard to eat. But the rest of it was exceptionally good. I loved the tamago and the wasabi paste.

The fish was fresh. The avocado was a little bit soft. I loved the rice. At least I can find a place that does rice the right way. It wasn’t too warm and it wasn’t too cold. I loved mixing in the toasted sesame and the crunch it brought.Yum.

The miso soup was just ok.

Sadly I coudln’t say the same for the tea. I didn’t really like drinking all the tea leaves. If they had only put it in one of their pots.

All in all given the service that I got I’d assume that the staff there are all International students and they are all being underpaid (the rate of $10-$15). Given that there aren’t any hate reviews and more Caucasians when I visited I got the impression that some of the staff wrote their own reviews.
There is only just a tiny chance that I’d return in the future with Gaijun lunch bar in the same street.

Ume Sushi House on Urbanspoon