The perils of Myki and how it will affect International students who have just arrived

by newintstudents

On December 29th a new form of ticketing came in to play: MYKI. MYKI is the only one card that you can use for any train, tram or bus in Melbourne.
With the exception of…..
Where it is still paper tickets.
As explained by Katherine.
” I don’t live near a top up place or a 7-11. In fact my tram stop is metres from it. I can either catch the bus or the tram to get to the city. There is no shop near the bus stop. If I don’t have any money on my MYKI I am screwed”.

” You can top up your MYKI online. It takes three days to process the payment. I do top it up online, but if I want to use it straightaway and there is no money on it, I am also screwed. Imagine what that would be like for the international student who might not have an account which allows one to buy things online”.

“International students are not eligible for concessions, hence everything including the card is really expensive. To fork out $6 bucks for this is asking too much. International students should be eligible for student concessions.”

“I sometimes see people getting on the tram (visitors of course) with no ticket and there is no means of purchasing one on board as all the machines have been removed. Most visitors get confused about this system and don’t know that they only just have to touch on on the trams and for trains and buses it is on and off”

” I have had a few instances where I got overcharged and they did nothing to assist to me to get my money back. I want the old system back”.

“I have also had an instance where my myki was damaged and I couldn’t use it on the tram, as all the ticket machines are removed. So what am I to do? Fare evade?”
” I have left my myki at home and had to buy another one. What a waste of $6. Where are all the short term tickets?”

“The ticket inspectors get on and occassional visitors get fined for no ticket. They didn’t know about MYKI and that they have to pre purchase them. They thought that the tram was free. Fare evasion has gone up ever since the introduction of MYKI”

What are your thoughts?