Alcohol and pubs

by newintstudents

A lot of you may not be used to our drinking culture here in Australia. A lot of the local students love to drink.
We love to go out on Friday and Saturday nights to drink and party.
We usually go to the pub and drink and eat. The one meal that we love at the pub is the porterhouse steak. I haven’t had this yet, but Katherine tells me that it is good. The pieces of steak are huge and you get to choose what sort of sauce you want to go with your steak.
It usually comes with a side of chips, vegetables or salad.

A pot is usually a glass of beer. But if you don’t drink (and this is fine too, as I or Katherine don’t drink) you can opt for soft drink instead.

Usually pub meals are huge so it is a good idea to work up an appetite.

Some of your friends might like to play drinking games, but if you don’t like it you can choose to stay out of it or go home early.