Public housing

by newintstudents

Public housing is a must in Melbourne. International students often come here to study and then go back home. They often rent places because owning a house is not cheap and there are complications with this.
Mlebourne’s rental crisis has hit the roof and has taken a toll on many students who are forced to either rent cheaply and in dangerous suburbs or couch with many friends. The RMIT village is often too full and very expensive for accomodation.

I have had one story of a student who lived in a very dodgy house for about six months and for $500 a month. You can read the story here.

There are also many others in the same boat as this student. some of the housing does not have heating or is in old and unsafe buildings.

There are many campaigns on Facebook about this. Just search Facebook. In 2008 a group of Melbourne Uni students set up housing group called SHAC in which the students squatted in some of the old Melbourne Uni buildings for many months. It was to highlight the need for more affordable housing in Melbourne for students. In the end they got evicted.

As the year progresses we’ll keep you up to date with the latest campaigns about housing.