Public transport safety

by newintstudents

As students you will need to use public transport to get to places. As students you may not be able to afford cars as cars are about $10000+. And then you have to pay for registration yearly and petrol weekly.

Most public transportation either comes early or five minutes late. They are hardly ever on time. You will need to buy a ticket see…. as there are always random ticket inspections. On the bus you might be able to get away with a concession ticket but on the train no as there are always ticket inspectors on the other side of the barriers at the City loop stations.

Always cross the tracks at the designated crossing places; either at a bridge or a emergency exit ( if the station has no bridge). People have been fined for illegal and dangerous crossing. If the boom gate is down wait until the train has passed.

When waiting for the train always stand behind the yellow line which is clearly marked. This is so that you don’t accidently fall onto the tracks and be hit by a train.

It is normal for the train to be a bit overcrowded at times. When you try to get off it is polite to say “excuse me”.
You can push someone off if you said “excuse me” and they won’t let you through.
It is always polite to let people get off before boarding. The same applies to trams and buses

Late at night there are always drunks and very violent people on board the train so make sure that you don’t stay out too late. If you do have to then sit in the very front carriage behind the drivers door.

If a tram stop has multiple tram routes going past always signal to the driver one that you want.

When you want to get off push the stop cord/button. The same applies to buses. This will let the driver know that you want to get off.

If the stop is on a kerbside make sure that all the cars have stopped before boarding or alighting. Some stops are island stops (which means in the middle of road) so you don’t have to watch for cars when boarding or alighting.

Occasionally there will be the random inspection by the ticket inspectors so make sure that you have the right ticket or otherwise you will be fined.