Melbourne Uni

by newintstudents

Image courtesy of Google Images

Melbourne Uni has so much fun stuff going on all the time compared to RMIT. Compared to RMIT it is a much bigger and friendlier place to be in.

Here they have many student clubs and amenities. Like RMIT they have weekly market days. Unlike RMIT who doesn’t have many events they have heaps of events and goodies for their students. They actually care about their students.

Here they have many libraries and computer labs. Here their libraries enforce the silence rule unlike RMIT.

Their Union house has quite a few good places and they do have a phone shop and a newsagency as well as a bakery in the one place. I think RMIT might have this soon in their new SAB building.
Unlike RMIT who doesn’t have maps everywhere, this place actually does so if you get lost you can look at the map. I love their laneways too, its very reminscent of Melbourne.

Like RMIT they too have a magazine club called Farrago. Unlike RMIT they also have another magazine club called Meld which are for the international students. Everything is online so that International students know what is in Melbourne. RMIT doesn’t have this.
Unlike RMIT who only has “Old Village” Melbourne Uni has a lot of housing options and colleges. You can walk from the colleges to RMIT and be there within 10 mins

RMIT has a lot of design studios and is quite close to public transport but some of their campuses don’t have a lot of student life out there. Most of Melbourne Uni’s has lots of life and is close to Public Transport. RMIT’s city campus and Brunswick and Carlton campus is close to Public transport.

And Melbourne Uni’s academic policies are more student friendly. Here if you fail quite a few subjects the second time around you can explain to the school via a hearing. RMIT does not do this. They used to do this. Instead students have to write a show cause and then if they are unsucessful the students will be sent an email via the Academic registrar. There are less grounds to appeal on.
RMIT’s administrative system can be a bit dodgy at times, Uni of Melbourne’s not so. RMIT tends to waste a lot of money on material things such as SAB, Uni of Melbourne’s money tends to be used for students and to care about students.