Finding our way around Lygon st part 1

by newintstudents

Carlton area
We head into Carlton where all the good coffee places are as well as the Nova Cinemas.

We also check out Gewurtshaus- a spice store. Here we sample many spices.

We went to the many delis and tried their cheeses. We also went to visit King and Godfree’s and checked out all the wines there. Now we are not wine drinkers, but we bought a bottle of wine just for a friend.

We checked out Donnini’s hand made pasta shop and watched them make pasta

We also checked out the housing here. The houses are old but beautiful. Some of them are really expensive.

We walk around the tree lined area and try to decide on a place for lunch. There are so many Italian places to choose from. If only there wasn’t many and if only they weren’t all too darn expensive.
In the end we went to Universal cafe and had lunch for $12+ drink.

We went to the Market lane pop up coffee shop and bought a long black for $4. Market lane was only opened for a couple of weeks and already they are attracting many customers. It was stellar.

We also picked up some pastries from Baker D Chicco next door. Here their pastries are baked fresh on the premises and all their food costs just under $10. So we picked up a pastry and two cookies for $8.20!

Total we spent was: $24.20 for this part.

Baker D Chirico Carlton on UrbanspoonMarket Lane Coffee Pop-Up Store on Urbanspoon