Ghin Khao by Katherine

by newintstudents

Ghin Khao is the only Thai place that Sally and I have come across so far that is near RMIT.
Here lots of workers and students come by mainly at lunchtime for their under $12 specials. About ten other bloggers have raved on about this place hence this must be really popular. The Eatandbemerrycrew liked it.

I used to come here in my early days as a student and thought this was expensive as. |This was the days when the lunch specials weren’t available. It was good back then.

I wanted to see what it is like now.

Not much in terms of the decor has changed. I loved the street style old cart and the lighting. Very authentic Thai.
The people there are also Thai.

I love the cars.

The sauce jars. Like Pepper Lunch they too have these where customers can help themselves. What I did not know was that the chopsticks were in a metal box on the table beside the sauces.

Here I had their $11.90 lunch sets as well as an iced Thai Kopi (Thai style coffee). I can’t really comment much on the Kopi as I have never tried. basically it is the same as the Malaysian one except bigger.

I chose the vegetarian set as I’m not much of a meat eater. I do love tofu though. It came with clear soup, rice (a bit bland for my liking), stir fried vegetables (also bland) and spring rolls ( two lonely mini ones- three would have been better).

The spring rolls although nice were just a tad bit soggy. I loved the fresh lettuce that came with it. It gave it that nice crunch. But it could do with a bit more chilli sauce though.

I loved the clear soup…
EXCEPT it was a tad bit salty.

The veggies were cooked properly, but were just a bit bland. If only they put more sauce in it.

At the end of the meal I was offered free dessert. Normally $4.90 for a plate, but I was offered a rice cake. It tasted like pineapple. It was a nice way to end the meal.

I’d definately be back to try out the pad thai. If only they had put it as a lunch special even better.

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