Shark Fin Inn by Katherine

by newintstudents

I went out with my friends yesterday to this special place of Shark Fin Inn. It is one of the places that Sally and I have not blogged about yet. So here it is.

Image courtesy of Google Images

Image courtesy of Google Images

Image Courtesy of Google Images

Shark fin Inn has been around for 30-40 years and to this day they remain popular with the locals, bloggers and tourists. It is one place that you’d want to visit for special occassions only as it is quite expensive.

They have two levels of dining: upstairs and downstairs. We were taken to upstairs to a table which was very close to the bathrooms. I had a chance to check out the bathrooms and it was fairly ordinary. You have to watch your step as you go inside the bathroom. It was cramped in there.

The owners and some of the staff members knew my friends well hence we were treated well.

This is one place that specialises in duck so we had duck salad which was recceived with a Meh. Other dishes we had were the beancurd with bok choy (which was received very well), parrot fish (that was also received well), the steak dish ( which the steak was a little bit chewy) and the fried chicken. The fried chicken wasn’t the best dish. I had better at Plumes. This dish was bland. The parrot fish was quite nice except it was a tad bit overcooked.

I was expecting the normal Red bean dessert, so I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out cold coconut sago pudding. It was nice today given that it was a warm summers day.

We all left really really full. I didn’t pay for the meal so I wouldn’t know what the prices were. I’d want to come back to try out their Peking duck and Suckling pig as I saw quite a few other tables getting this dish and the dish looked spectacular.

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