The Boat Festival

by newintstudents

Cost: free except for entry into the Marina which is $12.
When: 1/2/2013- 3/2/2013 from 10am- 6pm/8pm (Fri)
What was the weather like? It was cold but sunny.
Where in Docklands on Harbour Esplanade.

What is it all about? It is about the exhibition of boats and boating gear/clubs. There were some specials to be had.
On Saturday and Sunday there will be heaps of entertainment for the kids and live bands. But I went on Friday as I work in the city and live far away from the city and Docklands. So I came after work.

I picked up a couple of packets for free. Am thinking of trying them at home. Yay! Free breakfast!

The ginger ale I tried was nice and refreshing.

Yep there are some show special on boats to be had at the Festival. 

Free gifts only for Boat owners who have insurance

The entrance to the Marina where it is $12 for adults and $8 for concessions/students. Here is where you can explore the marinas and the boats. They might also include a boat ride in there to somewhere.

Quite a few boats here today

Wow this offer is too good to refuse.

I had a great time having a look at the boats and sampling some great beer and food. I wished that they offered more food.
But there always a next time and watching lots of boats was fun. Students and visitors who are in Melbourne now shall come and visit the expo and see what Melbourne has to offer. Its great that the City of Melbourne has this festival in Docklands seeing as Docklands doesn’t have much going for them at the moment.