Shopping @ Aldi supermarket

by newintstudents

Aldi is a supermarket chain which has lots and lots of imported stuff from Europe. Everything there is so cheap.

I went shopping at Aldi supermarket hoping to find cheaper prices for my things. I only had to buy muesli  tomatoes and cucumbers.
Aldi has everything in store, not just food. It has kitchen appliances, tvs etc all for a low price. They have heaps of weekly specials.
My costs:
Muesli- $4.48 ( BTW it was the “Just Organic” brand, so hence it was a bit more expensive)
Cucumbers- $3.49 a kg (got mine for $2.48 altogether)
Bag- $0.15 each
Cherry tomatoes- $2.50 each
Altogether I spent $10.15 at Aldi. Compare this with Woolworths and Coles I saved about $1-$2.
The lady there was lovely. Here it has a bit of a community feeling to it and no Bathroom. But that’s ok as it is always somewhere nearby

But as time went on there are more discounts and bulk buys to be had. I also learned to love Aldi for its cheap but good buys. You can buy a chicken for cheap as well as as trays of meat.
They don’t have any shopping bags available for free. You either have to buy one and bring one from home. To buy one is $0.15. You also have to pay $2 for trolley hire. The checkout staff do not pack your bags for you- you do this yourself. They just sit and you just pay for your groceries.

There are stores all over Melbourne, but the one that I went to was in Franklin st close to RMIT. Its really convenient for students to pick up items on their way home.