by newintstudents

OUA stands for Open Universities Australia. Here this is where they offer courses from all over Australia and you don’t even have to leave home as everything is online.

There are quite a few universities participating in this such as Curtin, RMIT, Monash, ACU, Latrobe, Swimburne plus more. Theres a wide range of subjects that you can study as electives such as Law, Business, Arts and Humanities, Languages etc. You can even do English courses online at Open Universities even before you come to RMIT.

OUA is quite flexible in the way in which you study. You can go slow or fast. Or you can study alone or interact with people online. There are forums online and there is always assistance for those that need it. The good thing is that you are not bound to one University- ie you can elect to do an elective from another Uni.

There are four study periods in which you can enrol in, one of them being in the RMIT student vacation period. For more details click here.

But Immigration says that you must do 75% of your program face to face at your Campus. You can only 25% of the course/program online. For an International student you must do three courses on campus and you can do one of them online per semester. The fees vary from $849-$1224 per unit per semester, plus the $250 fee per International student.

Via this option you pay upfront as soon as you enrol in your classes.

You do all the classes online and then you have to sit your exams in a designated centre which means that you might have a bit of travelling to do.

If you successfully pass the course RMIT might be able to credit this towards your course.