The different types of coffees in cafes

by newintstudents

There is about nine or more different types of coffees in Melbourne’s cafes. These range from Syphon to cold drip and our normal ones.
 So which one do you go for?

We have:
Single origin- about $4 this is a great way to try coffee
Cold drip- best drunk in summer. It is like espresso except ice cold and has been stored for eight hours in a really cold place
Syphon- another way to brew coffee.
Cappucino- this is just standard coffee nothing exciting.
Espresso- short black/long black/doppio
Mochaccino (or mocha)- this has one teaspoon of coffee and one of hot chocolate. It is for those that love coffee but can’t have too much of it for various reasons
Piccolo- this is a baby latte. It’s a lot smaller and its great for those that just want to try a coffee.
Latte- it is milky and frothy and served in a glass.
Affogato- Espresso coffee served with ice cream. This is in fact an Italian dessert, but some cafes have this
Amaretto- its the american type of coffee
Doppio- this is usually a double shot of coffee and is a lot stronger and bitter.
Pour overs- these are more expensive than your average type as there is a lot of labour in this. So you might not see this around as much. Only the good coffee places has this.

We encourage you try all the different coffees Melbourne has to offer