Gambling and its woes

by newintstudents

It is problematic for Chinese and Indian students.  About 6.4% gambled compared to Local students. Most of the time it is due to loniliness and boredom.

They will become desperate.

They have a lot of money for living. Without family and friends they can be out of control and very soon can be in debt.

In 2011 there was an article written by the Age where they contact Crown Casino. Some of the students from China lost about $3000-$10000 or more within a week.
Some of them had huge debts and some of them were suicidal.

They don’t know where to get help. Many students don’t know that support services exist within the university.

The AFIS is concerned for these students. WESA Chau from the AFIS says a lot of students borrow money from their friends and gamble it.

Many students miss classes due to their losses at the casinos. As a result they fail subjects and be excluded by the university

Mr Ballieu if you are reading this please please invest in some money towards educating International students about the effects of gambling and increase the age limit in Crown casino.